How to measure?

Of course, the most ideally measuring is by sartorial tape/metre. The measurement please accurate! It often happens that the customer adds to exact values addition 0.5-1 cm for example, and since everything is produced bespoke, so it happens that a collar or harness is larger :)

In case of any discrepancy with the measurement, contact us, please.

It is important to write the breed of dog!!!


collar length 45cm = necksize 31-39cm
collar length 50cm = necksize 36-43cm
collar length 55cm = necksize 41-48cm
collar length 60cm = necksize 46-53cm
collar length 65cm = necksize 51-58cm
collar length 70cm = necksize 56-63cm
collar length 75cm = necksize 61-68cm
...and so on..:)