About us and how we got to the Mystaff company?


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... One day I met my current boyfriend who loved and still loves staffies. Me, personally, as an uninformed person, had the same opinion about bull breeds, as other people who do not know much about bull breeds, have. But my boyfriend wanted a staffbull and I wanted him to be happy.

My boyfriend's mom had a staffie and I slowly began to get acquainted with this breed personally, although it was not love for the first sight. One day we went to a lake to take a swim and he took two of his friend´s wonderful staffies. And I fell in love with them completely. It is not possible to dislike them :) Because I also started to have strong feelings about them a long-term search started to began. We didn't want to have a perfect dog just for shows so we started to search for a dog through advertisements. Once in the evening I found out an advertisement for an unusual non-standard staffbull from Studénka.

I couldn´t sleep all night and was lookign forward to calling the owners in order to tell them how interested I am. And so we had our pet Allonek. I became a great lover of Allon in every way and I started to buy almost everything he desired. And because it is said that one staffie is never enough Carlly came to complete the family.

Because I like when my dogs have more collars and matches to their master I decided to try my own production of collars and leashes.

I liked the production very much and so did my boyfriend. At the beginning nothing was perfect. We made a lot of mistakes but failure teaches success. I started to percieve and listen to our customers of what, where and how to improve and so, we are slowly improving.

After some time, my boyfriend came up with the idea to start our own business - MYSTAFF. We bought an embroidery machine and entered the market :) Thank you!

For and on behalf of MyStaff company

Karolina Jelinkova